Chief Constable's response to new Government measures to combat COVID-19

23 Mar 2020

We are aware that many people will have questions following the Prime Minister’s address this evening, Monday 23 March.

We have had a number of calls on our 101 line from people seeking answers, but at this early stage, we are not able to answer all of your enquiries.

I will be speaking to national colleagues tomorrow about how forces will be working to ensure that we support the public in maintaining social isolation and reducing the harm caused by the Covid-19 virus. We now know this will include the options of enforcing the new measures and we will share this information with you as soon as we are able. 

In the meantime, we urge everyone to continue to follow the Government guidance around social isolation and social distancing, as your cooperation will enable us to focus on protecting the vulnerable and preventing crime.

Chief Constable Lee Freeman