Callous fraudster sentenced to five years in jail


5 Jul 2021

Dana Twidale (44), of Newtown Court, Hull has today been sentenced to five years after she pleaded guilty to of 26 counts of fraud totalling £57,971. (This accounts only for the victims who made reports to the police from across the country, there may be other victims who fell prey to Dana but who did not report their incidents to the police).

Investigating this case was Detective Constable Ayliffe, she said, “Dana Twidale’s frauds fell into two categories: Firstly involving confidence fraud in which she told calculated and emotive lies, particularly about domestic abuse and her need for financial assistance to flee and the alleged death of her mother and the finance required to pay for funeral expenses and a headstone.

“These calculated lies were told to gain trust and sympathy.  Dana made repeated requests and obtained over £40,000 from one man who did not have and could not afford such a sum of money. Consequently, he had borrowed many thousands of pounds from banks and family members to ‘help’ the defendant.

“The second type of offending involved her preying on couples looking for wedding services for their special day knowing she had no intention to provide the services they paid for. 

“Some of the couples had imminent wedding dates and suffered considerable loss, disruption and worry, unsure whether their weddings would go ahead because of Dana Twidale’s actions.

“Dana Twidale had no consideration for the finances of the couples or the emotional effect of their big day being ruined or possibly not even going ahead. The majority of couples affected had weddings planned for the end of July 2019.

“Dana Twidale was cold; calculated and adept at portraying empathy to her victim’s which, in truth, was false and a means to obtain more financially from her victims. She gave no thought to the effect her lies and actions had on her victims, she was callous.”

“Many of the victims have provided Victim Personal Statements, such is the effect Dana Twidale’s actions have had on them, two years down the line some are still feeling very emotional because of her actions.

One stated, “Dana promised to make our day as special as she could with all our wishes for the day.  The added stress and expense of a further £3500 and having to arrange our wedding in just two days basically; I do not have the words to describe how anyone with any morals would do this to anybody.

“A bride’s wedding day is supposed to be the most special day of her life; one to remember; the memories Dana has given us are memorable for the wrong reasons and I don't know how someone can be so heartless.”

Detective Constable Ayliffe concluded, “I am pleased that Dana Twidale will be made to serve this prison sentence for her actions and, although will not erase the terrible things they were put through, I hope it gives some form of closure to the victims.”


Dana Twidale