Bank holiday guidance following covid restrictions easing


31 Mar 2021

ACC Darren Downs speaks about the easing of restrictions and what this means for residents across the Humberside area for the Easter bank holiday weekend:

“Monday 29 March saw the latest easing of national lockdown restrictions, over the course of the week we have seen an increase in people getting out and about and enjoying what has been some unexpected weather which people have taken advantage of after a challenging year.

“As we head into the Easter bank holiday it’s still important that we all remain vigilant to do everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus.

“Whilst restrictions have eased, adhering to guidelines to prevent the virus spreading must remain a top priority.

“People are able to meet in a public place or garden under the government restrictions in a group of up to 6 friends, but there are a number of exceptions and reasonable excuses regarding the rule of 6 within the regulations which can increase the numbers of people lawfully allowed to be together.

“These can include people who live together but who are not related for instance a shared student house, and it also includes the principle of two linked households meeting with two other linked households.

“We know that the regulations can be complicated to interpret, and therefore where possible, we are asking for people to stay at home and staying local remains advisable.

“Over the course of the bank holiday, increased foot patrols and resources will be out and about to help keep everyone safe.

“We will be patrolling hot spot areas across Hull, East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire were officers will implement the 4E’s with Engage, Explain and Encourage being our focus.

“This approach has worked successfully throughout the course of the pandemic and there are no intentions to move from it. Enforcement will be a last resort, but if required we will enforce the guidance and issue tickets. 

“If you see our officers and have any concerns, please speak to them about this.

“We must continue to stick to the guidelines throughout this time to ensure the good health and safety of our Force area residents and to protect our National Health Service as they continue to work tirelessly through the pandemic.