Almost £60,000 worth of drugs taken off the streets during week of ‘county lines’ action


28 Jan 2019

Last week officers across Humberside Police took part in a national week of action to highlight the work we do to tackle drugs-related crime in relation to ‘county lines’ activity. 

The week has been about prosecuting those who are suspected of drugs offending, and also about supporting vulnerable individuals who are targeted by drug dealers in scenarios such as cuckooing. 

Forces across the country took part in a 'national intensification’ week with the NPCC and NCA between the 21-28 January 2019. Within Humberside Police it involved our proactive unit, neighbourhoods officers, divisional intelligence bureau, and the serious organised crime unit alongside many other officers across our force area. 

County lines is a term used when drug gangs from big cities expand their operations to smaller towns, often using violence to drive out local dealers and exploit children and vulnerable people to sell drugs.

These dealers will use dedicated mobile phone lines, known as ‘deal lines’, to take orders from drug users. 

Through warrants and searches carried out through the Misuse of Drugs Act, and using intelligence we’ve gathered we’ve seized a very large amount of drugs, cash and weapons throughout the week. 

You can find out more below about some of the action we’ve taken:

*Two warrants were executed on Weymouth Close in Hull. At one property more than 200 grams of heroin and 25 grams of crack cocaine seized from a rucksack. The drugs have an estimated street value of almost £13,000. We also seized 8 grams of heroin and 23 grams of crack cocaine in a sideboard with a combined value of almost £3,000. We also found £2,600 in cash, a samurai sword and a Bowie knife. At a second property on Weymouth Close, we seized £510 worth of crack and heroin.

32-year-old Adam Hughes from Hardy Street, Liverpool has been charged with two counts of possession with intent to supply (PWITS) controlled drugs, and one count of possessing stolen property. 37-year-old David Hays from Weymouth Close, Hull was charged with the same. 

49-year-old Donna Hawkins from Weymouth Close, Hull has been charged with two counts of possession with intent to supply controlled drugs. All three have appeared at Hull Magistrates Court. 

*Warrants were executed in East Hull in connection with ongoing investigations that are still live. These reaped the highest value of drugs seized during the week. At one property approximately £32,000 worth of heroin and crack cocaine was seized. A 22-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of PWITS and bailed.  

At another East Hull address we found £500 of cannabis bush, hundreds of pounds in cash, drugs paraphernalia, knives and CS gas. A man and woman were arrested on suspicion of PWITS and released under investigation. 

*51-year-old Ivan Stead from Park Grove, Hull was arrested and charged with two counts of PWITS after being searched on Reynoldson Street under the Misuse of Drugs Act. Approximately 200 wraps of class A drugs were seized thought to be worth between £3,000 and £3,500.

*In Bridlington we arrested three men and one woman on suspicion of PWITS at a house on Marshall Avenue. Around £2,000 of heroin and crack cocaine, £800 in cash and a meat cleaver were seized. They’ve all been released under investigation. 

*Class A drugs believed to be worth approximately £200 and £350 in cash was seized were seized following a suspected drugs deal witnessed by officers on Walker Street in Hull. 38-year-old Ricky Duncan from Anlaby Road, Hull was arrested and charged with possessing a class A drugs and failing to provide a sample for a drugs test. He’s appeared at Hull Magistrates Court. A 46-year-old man was also arrested was bailed. 

*A golf ball-sized wrap of heroin worth approx £700 was seized at a flat on Beverley Road, Hull along with £70 in cash. 37-year-old Wayne Lightfoot from Beverley Road, Hull was charged with PWITS a class A drug and has appeared before magistrates in Hull.

*Steven Carney, 47, from Leonard Street, Hull has been charged with possessing a class A drug following a suspected drugs deal on Waterloo Street in Hull. £70 worth of a class A drug, £70 in cash and a mobile phone were seized. He’s due to appear before magistrates in March.

*At another property on Beverley Road, a 19-year-old man from Scunthorpe and a 49-year-old man from Hull were arrested on suspicion of PWITS. Drugs paraphernalia, £460 worth of heroin and £50 of crack, two samurai swords and £190 in cash was recovered. Both men were bailed.

*A holdall full of cannabis bush was found on the back seat of a car that was stopped in Beverley following information given to us. A 25-year-old man from Bradford was arrested and released under investigation. 

*Two teenagers from Sheffield and a man from Scunthorpe were arrested on suspicion of aggravated burglary at an address on Pease Street, Hull. It followed information we received about individuals who were seen with machetes there. Two machetes and cash were found at the property. The three have been released under investigation. 

Inspector Paul Bennett from Humberside Police’s Proactive Unit said: “I am very, very pleased about the success we’ve had over the past week on both the south and north banks. 

“The amount of drugs we’ve found, the number of arrests we’ve made and charges brought, as well as the cash, drugs-related items and weapons we’ve seized will make a big hole in the supply and distribution of drugs in area.

“It doesn’t stop there. Investigations are still being conducted and we’re still pursuing numerous lines of enquiry in relation to county lines gangs and drugs activity. 

“Not only have we knocked on doors and made arrests and seizures, but we’ve also crucially been able to safeguarded children and vulnerable adults, and removed the risk of them being exploited by these gangs any further.

“It’s an ongoing process that brings all forces from around the country together to tackle these problems. 

“There is a lot of work that our dedicated teams are doing on a daily basis. Our priority is to keep our communities safe and to protect vulnerable people. 

“The work our officers do just shows that we are making huge steps in tackling these individuals who target children and vulnerable adults to make a profit for themselves.

“Please keep contacting us and forwarding on any information so we can keep on doing this good work for the vast majority of law abiding people in our communities.”

More information about county lines can be found if you follow this link: