20-year-old handed 3 year football banning order


18 Nov 2021

A 20-year-old man was yesterday, Wednesday 17 November, handed a three-year football banning order, as well as £419 in fines and fees, after his appearance in court relating to his behaviour at a Scunthorpe United match earlier this year.

The man threw bottles onto the playing area during the team’s match against Port Vale on Saturday 25 September, an act the judge summed up as ‘reckless and stupid’ that ‘spoilt it for the genuine supporters attending’.

The conditions of his three-year ban mean he will not be able to attend any premise for the purpose of attending a football match in the UK and would have to surrender his travel documentation to a named police station at the request of the Football Banning Orders Authority for international matches. His conditions further stretch to potentially prohibit him from attending particular towns or cities at certain times on league or international match days and not be in a group of more than three on match days.

Superintendent Paul French said: “I hope this court result shows people looking to attend matches and cause disruption that it absolutely won’t be tolerated.

“Not only has this man spoilt his own experience of football, as he will no longer be able to attend matches for the next three years, but he also dampened the experience of other home and away supporters who were trying to enjoy their game day.

“Football should be an opportunity for people to come together over one common love of the sport, and anyone who looks to disrupt or ruin that will be dealt with robustly and have to face the consequences.”