Neighbourhood Watch

The assistance provided to us by Neighbourhood Watch groups should never be under-estimated. Whilst it is conversely not possible to quantify that assistance in the bigger picture, there is absolutely no doubt that Neighbourhood Watch plays a significant and vital role in keeping communities safe and reducing crime.

The essence of Neighbourhood Watch is all about a group of people who care about the area in which they live and who want to play their part in keeping themselves and their neighbours safe.

The Neighbourhood Watch system allows police to get messages out to the local community quickly, to circulate crime prevention advice, organise meetings and likewise allows Neighbourhood Watch members to keep police informed of suspicious circumstances and persons who look out of place in their locality.

This has never been more important. The days of the police working in isolation to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour are long gone and to achieve sustainable long-term resolutions to community issues takes a multi-agency partnership approach with Neighbourhood Watch groups part of that approach.

We appreciates all the hard work and support provided by Neighbourhood Watch groups across the force area, and would urge anyone who wants to start a group or become a member of their local group to make contact with their local coordinators.