Neighbour Disputes

Disputes between neighbours can be caused by a variety of reasons. If your dispute involves an assault, a breach of the peace or criminal damage it is a police matter. Call 101, or call 999 in an emergency. Your report needs to be directed to your local council in some cases, see below.

If you live in either council housing or housing controlled by a social landlord, your housing officer should be the first point of contact.

Some issues like parking in front of your property, repairing vehicles on the road/private driveway or boundary issues are private and not a matter for the police or the council

For boundary disputes contact The Land Registry
For more info on noise nuisance click here

What types of Neighbour Disputes do Councils deal with?

  • Barking dogs. 
  • Noisy parties/loud music/domestic noise.
  • Groups of children hanging around waiting to see one of their friends who lives at a neighbour’s property.
  • Hedgerows (high hedges or untidy hedges).
  • Untidy gardens, or public health concerns like refuse or rodents in council properties.

Reporting your neighbour dispute

North Lincolnshire Council

General info:
Phone contact list:

North East Lincolnshire Council

General info:
Report online: 
Call: 01472 313131

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

General info:
Report online:

Hull City Council

General info:,97160&_dad=portal&_sche...
Call: 01482 300300