Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery is happening here. Now.

Slavery is an umbrella term for activities involved when one person obtains or holds another person in compelled service.

It is a problem that transcends age, gender and ethnicities, and can impact both foreign nationals and British citizens. Modern slavery takes many forms, but some of the most common are sexual exploitation, forced labour and domestic servitude. Victims are forced to work illegally, against their will in many different sectors, including brothels, cannabis farms, nail bars, agriculture and even within people’s homes.

Someone is in slavery if they are:

  • forced to work through mental or physical threat
  • owned or controlled by an 'employer', usually through mental or physical abuse or the threat of abuse
  • dehumanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as ‘property’
  • physically constrained or have restrictions placed on his/her freedom

Could you spot the signs?

  • A lack of self-esteem
  • Acting as if instructed by another
  • Injured or in need of medical care
  • Distrustful
  • Fearful and poorly integrated into the local community
  • Living in overcrowded accommodation
  • Lacking suitable clothing for their job
  • Picked up by vehicles at unusual hour

The below video produced by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority is a recreation of a worker phone call and points out the forced labour indicators as they occur in the conversation.