Parking / Vehicles

Parking illegally or inconsiderately can create significant problems for other road users and pedestrians, particularly those with push chairs or using mobility scooters.

Parking enforcement

The enforcement of yellow lines, time-limited parking and other parking restrictions within the Humberside policing area is entirely the responsibility of the local authorities and their parking enforcement teams.


A vehicle causing an obstruction is one which has been parked and left unattended in such a way that it is considered to be a hazard to pedestrians or other road users. For example, a car parked on a bend in the road. This also includes blocking free passage to pedestrians and blocking access to private or public property.

If you need to contact the police because a vehicle is causing a safety hazard or an obstruction on a public road, please contact us on the non-emergency number, 101.

Vehicles obstructing dropped kerbs

Due to a change in legislation local authorities are now able to issue a Penalty Charge Notice to vehicles obstructing a dropped kerb that serves a driveway, cycle track or pedestrian access.

Vehicles must not park on the carriageway adjacent to the footway, cycle track or verge that has been lowered or where the carriageway has been raised to the level of the footway, cycle track or verge for a purpose of:

  • Assisting pedestrians crossing the road
  • Assisting vehicles entering or leaving the off street parking areas such as driveways across the footway, cycle track or verge.
  • Assisting cyclists entering or leaving the road.

Inconsiderate parking alongside dropped kerb can prevent residents, particularly people with disabilities and persons with pushchairs, from crossing the public highway in a safe manner, and also prevent the residents and businesses from getting their vehicles back on the road or in their driveway.