Independent Advisory Group

Our Independent Advisory Group (IAG) membership is drawn from local communities on a voluntary basis and their role is to scrutinise our policies and advise on how we can improve them.

We have a force-wide IAG and local IAGs to reflect the differences in local issues and priorities across the Humberside area.

The group is crucial in helping us to build trust and understanding between Humberside Police and our communities. One important role of the group is to help us to identify any potential community tensions that may arise from crimes or incidents and help us make decisions on how we support those communities and keep people safe and maintain community confidence. 

Some of the issues they have advised on recently include:

  • PREVENT – the government’s counter terrorism strategy
  • Our new custody build on the South Bank
  • How we introduce and use spit guards to protect our officers and staff
  • Body Worn videos

Future agenda items for the group include our 101 non-emergency call handling service.