Humber Talking

We want to hear about your experiences.

Humber Talking is the name of our new initiative which we’ve launched today.

We’re starting with the people who live in and around Beverley Road in Hull which is around 9,500 homes and 11,000 residents but it’s our aim to speak to as many people who live and work in the Humberside Police are as possible.


What’s good about where you live?

What is not so good about where you live? 

What issues affect your community that you want the police, our partners and community members to resolve?  Examples could be thinks such as road safety, criminal damage, dog fouling, drug dealing, anti-social behaviour etc.

What causes you the greatest concern in your street?  Examples could be things such as beggers, fly-tipping, pavement parking, speeding, gangs of youths etc.

Would you like to be more involved in helping to tackle these issues and if so, what’s preventing you from being involved?

Are you already involved in any local community projects or groups?

Have you been in contact with any of the authorities such as police, fire, local authority or health and if so, how was the response.

How confident are you in the police?


We have been investing in our neighbourhood policing teams and with over 250 extra officers on the beat in the last 12 months, we want to be sure that we’re tackling the things that matter most to those we serve – YOU.

We have teams in every neighbourhood and they want to get closer to the local residents and businesses – YOU so that we can work with you tackle the things making the biggest difference to your daily lives and improve things for the better.

Not everything can be solved by the police, but if the issues that you’re raising are relevant for other agencies such as local authorities, fire service, health and social care, we will work with those agencies to make them aware of the issues.


Because we believe that the people who live and work in East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire deserve to be heard.  You know your area better than anyone and you know what the issues are in your area that we should be tackling. 

We want this to be the start of an ongoing two way conversation where the police, our partners and residents work together to create safe and strong communities.  Communities that we are all happy and proud to be part of.

SO….if you see one of our officers, PCSO’s or volunteers knocking at your door, please spare a few minutes to come and talk to us