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We want to hear about your experiences.

Humber Talking is an exciting initiative aimed at understanding the needs of local communities across Hull, East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire. We’re asking you what it’s like to live in your neighbourhood, what are the issues you face and how can we work with others to make communities safer and stronger.

Humber Talking was launched in 2018 with a pilot on Beverley Road in Hull. To date we have knocked on 118,461 doors, with over 28,000 households completing our survey. Our aim is to hear the views of every household across the force area.


What we want to know

What are the issues that affect your community that you want the police, our partners and community members to resolve?  Examples could be things such as road safety, criminal damage, dog fouling, drug dealing and anti-social behaviour.

What causes you the greatest concern in your street?  Examples could be things such as beggars, fly-tipping, pavement parking, speeding or gangs of youths.

Would you like to be more involved in helping to tackle these issues and if so, what’s preventing you from being involved?

Are you already involved in any local community projects or groups?

Have you been in contact with any of the authorities such as police, fire, local authority or health and if so, how was the response?

How confident are you that the police would be there if you needed them?


Why do we want to know this?

We have been investing in our neighbourhood policing teams and with over 500 extra officers hitting the streets over the past couple of years, we want to be sure that we’re tackling the things that matter most to those we serve – YOU.

We have teams in every neighbourhood and they want to get closer to the local residents and businesses so that we can work with you tackle the things most important to you and make the biggest difference to your daily lives and improve things for the better.

Not everything can be solved by the police, but if the issues that you’re raising are relevant for other agencies such as local authorities, fire service, health and social care, we will work with those agencies to make them aware of the issues.


How Humber Talking is making a difference

We have listened to your feedback, and used the results to set our local priorities, to target our activity and to work with our partners and our communities to take action against those causing our communities harm.

From the responses we’ve had from our survey 26% of you have told us Anti-social Behaviour is a concern – we’ve listened and as a result our Neighbourhood Policing Teams are spending more time patrolling the areas where you’ve told us you’re concerned about anti-social behaviour. Where we’ve identified a problem we’ve taken robust action, for example, officers have successfully obtained numerous Closure Orders, which are court orders that effectively enforce the removal of certain people from identified addresses, and restrict certain activities, such as the number of people allowed to enter a house.  Where appropriate we’re also using the powers we have under the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act to help people into rehabilitation and support programmes which can prevent them engaging in behaviour that is harmful to the wider community in the future. 

17% of you said nuisance motorbikes are affecting your neighbourhood, as a result of your feedback we’ve mounted a series of proactive days and weeks of action under ‘Operation Yellowfin’. This targeted enforcement has had a big impact across East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, and has included the execution of multiple search warrants, recovering hundreds of stolen and abandoned vehicles, disrupting offenders and engaging with the community to offer safety and security advice to bike owners.

16% of you have told us drug dealing concerns you, that’s why we’ve continually prioritised the execution of drugs search warrants right across the force area.  Information we receive from Humber Talking surveys has helped us obtain warrants and take the battle against drug dealing to the front doors of those that cause misery to our communities.  When we launched Operation Galaxy earlier this year we quickly applied for and executed more than 150 warrants and have arrested over 1000 people for numerous offences.  The seizure of drugs and money is a direct result of the information you have given us, through various channels, including Humber Talking.

We know that things change and new issues emerge so we’re constantly engaging with our local communities through Humber Talking to understand their needs and using this information to set local neighbourhood policing priorities.


Why are we doing this?

Because we believe that the people who live and work in East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire deserve to be heard.  You know your area better than anyone and you know what the issues are in your area that we should be tackling. 

Our local Neighbourhood Policing Teams are really proud to be part of your local community. They recognise the impact local problems can cause and they are absolutely committed to listening to your concerns and working with you and our partners to take action, bring offenders to justice and make our communities safer and stronger.

Neighbourhood Chief Inspector for Hull, Lee Edwards, said “Humber Talking is your opportunity to tell us directly what issues you’re facing and to work alongside us to address them.

“The feedback that we have had through the survey has now helped shape the way that we are policing Hull and East Yorkshire, making sure that it remains a great place to live, work and visit.

“The issue that has been raised the most, by those that have taken part in the survey so far, is anti-social behaviour - particularly connected to drug-related activity and nuisance motorbikes.

“We have listened to these concerns and taken action to tackle those issues and I’m sure you’ll have seen some of the recent results that we’ve been sharing on our social media pages.

“From carrying out warrants, seizing drugs and making arrests, to challenging anyone seen riding a motorcycle antisocially my team have been busy taking action based on what you’ve told us.

“Our local Neighbourhood Policing Teams are really proud to be part of your local community. They recognise the impact local problems can cause and they are absolutely committed to listening to your concerns and working with you and our partners to take action, bring offenders to justice and make our communities safer and stronger.

SO….if you see one of our officers, PCSO’s or volunteers knocking at your door, please spare a few minutes to come and talk to us

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