How Lifestyle works

The project is for 10 to 18-year-olds, who are asked to form into teams of five friends, decide on a project that will improve their local community - and then make it happen.

 Each team is asked to appoint an adult who they know to act as an advisor. They are responsible for overseeing the project, making sure the young people are safe and offering help and advice where needed. Adult Advisors receive an info pack from Humberside Police to help them do this.

The teams keep a log book of their activities and these are submitted to the annual Lifestyle Awards. The top team get the chance to win amazing prizes, which in the past have included things like a safari in South Africa, a visit to Disney Land Paris and adventure trips in the UK. These fantastic prizes are only possible thanks to the incredible financial contributions of our supporters.

Lifestyle projects to date have included things like tidying neighbours gardens, cleaning play parks, helping the elderly and designing marketing campaigns to promote internet safety and road safety.

There are no particular rules – it’s just about making a difference. If teams are stuck for ideas they can get involved in our Company Challenges. These are established project ideas that have been set up with the support of local and national firms.