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Our policing family

Your neighbourhood policing team plays a vital role in tackling many of the local issues that we know are important to you. They are out in your area every day and always available to raise concerns and offer crime prevention advice. They are often your first port of call and the ones you see the most.

You can find out more information about your neighbourhood teams, local priorities and who your local team is from the A-Z list or from selecting the area on the map at the bottom of this page.

But that doesn’t mean they are alone in keeping your community safe…

Our neighbourhood policing teams are a bit like the tip of the iceberg and underneath them sits an entire force. From solo first responders and whole teams dedicated to fighting high level crime, to those contact officers answering your calls and even dogs sniffing out crime. There’s an entire policing family dedicated to making the communities you live in safe and strong.

Meet your entire policing family here.

Area Map

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