Ethics Panel

This is a joint panel between OPCC and Humberside Police. 

The role of the panel is to provide an ethical overview of our policies and decisions. 

There are six independent voluntary members and an independent Chair on the panel. 

Senior leaders from Humberside Police and the OPCC attend the monthly meetings which are held at the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner. 

Agenda items can be added by any member of the panel and volunteers are encouraged to bring subject they are interested in to the group.

Some recent examples of issues considered by the group include:

  • Our complaints process and how many of those complaints we received are resolved and how quickly
  • how we manage grievances within the organisation
  • ethical dilemmas in conduct cases

At the next meeting the panel will hear from the Head of Vetting for the force and will consider whether there is any potential for discrimination in our vetting process. 

If you have any questions or enquiries about the panel then please contact the OPCC.