Distraction Burglary and Rogue Traders

Some criminals are brazen enough to work face to face when committing crime.

Be alert - when someone knocks on your door make sure you don't let them in unless you are expecting them or they provide proper ID.

They could be a distraction burglar or a rogue trader or a scammer

A distraction burglar is someone who gets into your home by distracting or tricking you - once in they steal your property and can even hurt you.

Rogue traders and scammers are criminals who take advantage of you by using high-pressure, forceful sales techniques and selling you something you don't need or want.  They can also charge really extortionate prices for jobs such as plumbing, roofing and gutter work, paving and gardening among many other tasks.

Stay safe in your home:

  • Keep your doors and windows locked at all times.
  • If someone comes to the door put the chain on before opening the door.
  • Ask the caller what they want before unchaining the door and don’t let them in unless they are legitimate.
  • Check they are legitimate by:  checking identification cards, calling the company they claim to work – don’t let them inside while you do so or if unsure ask them to leave until you have a friend or family member with you.
  • Never agree to have work done without getting a second opinion or getting further quotes - ask your family, neighbours or friends for help if you're not sure about someone or something they are selling.
  • Never hand over money until you know what it is you are paying for - only pay a small deposit if one is required - never feel forced to pay a lot of money in advance of jobs being done.
  • If you suspect someone of being a rogue trader or scammer please call 101 and report it to us.