Debit and Credit Card Fraud

Card fraud includes the use of stolen and cloned cards to buy things and the use of stolen card details to buy things on the phone and Internet. All Fraud should be reported to Action Fraud. See the links below.

Visit for more advice. 

  • Treat your cards like cash – never let them out of your sight (one in five stolen credit cards are taken from cars) and never, ever pass on PINs or passwords.
  • Don’t leave cards behind a bar. Someone could copy the details.
  • Criminals also 'shoulder surf' to get your PIN. This is simply standing close and looking over your shoulder as you enter it. If someone is standing too close ask them to move back or just end the transaction and go elsewhere.
  • If you find any suspicious activity on your account and you think you are a victim of fraud call your bank immediately and report it to the police online or by phone via Action Fraud (see links below).
  • Rip up or shred receipts, mini statements, loan forms and cashpoint balances so card details can’t be stolen.
  • If you think a cash machine looks odd and you suspect a skimming device has been added call us on 101 to report it. If it's on a bank tell them too.
  • If you go abroad, only take the cards you’ll need and inform your bank. Have emergency contact numbers to hand to cancel lost or stolen cards.
  • Never keep your PIN with your cash card.
  • If any of your cards are stolen, call immediately to cancel them – don’t even wait until you get home.

If you think you’re a victim of fraud please report it to your bank and contact Action Fraud.  Find out more about making a report to Action Fraud and what will happen afterwards.