Dash Cam Reporting

You can now submit Dash Cam footage of driving offences to Humberside Police's Roads Policing Unit to be reviewed by an officer. 

This is something that our communities have previously asked for and we are pleased to now be offering this opportunity. #YouSaidWeDid

We have also provided answers for a few of the most frequently asked questions below. 


What kind of offences can I submit footage/images for?

There are a broad range of offences that we will review including dangerous driving, driving whilst using a mobile phone, driving without due care and attention, careless driving, overtaking on solid white lines, not in proper control of the vehicle, traffic light contravention or any other road traffic offence that is clearly shown in the footage. Please note that this should not be used for reporting Road Traffic Collisions.​

What happens after my footage/image has been submitted?

It will be reviewed by an officer from our Roads Policing Unit to see if the footage is of a good enough quality and if an offence is shown.

If the clip is of a good enough quality and an offence is clearly shown then we will consider issuing an advisory letter to the owner of the offending vehicle, inviting them to an educational course, issuing a fixed penalty notice or, where appropriate, seeking a prosecution. 

If the footage shows a more serious offence, or we have evidence of someone committing repeat offences, then we will consider inviting them to an educational course, issuing a fixed penalty notice or, where appropriate, seeking a prosecution. 

If the video is not of good enough quality or no offence is identified then there will be no further action taken.

Will I be notified of what has happened in response to the footage/image submitted?

As a general rule we will not be able to notify every person that has submitted video or images to update them on what has happened following their submission, due to the high number of submissions that we receive.

There may, however, be some rare instances where we do need to get back in touch with you, this could be for further information or because we need you to give further evidence or attend court.

If this is the case, you will be contacted by the investigating officer who will offer you support throughout the process.

Upload your footage here.