Darren Downs, Assistant Chief Constable

ACC Downs joined Humberside Police 29 years ago as a serving Police Officer. He has experience across the Force and the ranks from community to specialising in operational Policing, Public Order and Firearms Command. An experienced Gold Commander with previous experience at Silver and Bronze levels within a variety of areas.

In March 2018, he became Divisional Commander (Chief Superintendent) working across the Force covering the South Bank before moving to the North Bank. Prior to this he spent 18 month managing the Force Control Room.

As commander for the North Bank, ACC Downs was responsible for all policing services across the East Riding and Hull including neighbourhood Policing, Patrol and Response and CID. He chairs the Diversity. Equality and Inclusion Board as silver which he continues to chair as ACC.

ACC Downs is a graduate from the both the University of Sheffield and University of Leicester.

ACC Downs is very passionate about delivering the best service possible to all our communities, staff engagement, progression and welfare.