Conditions of Service - PCSO's

This section provides information about the Conditions of Service for a PCSO.

Pay scale as at 1st September 2008

Commencing salary: £17,550 rising by annual increments to £19,461 after 3 years. In addition 14% shift allowance is payable and weekend working allowance is paid when appropriate.

Hours of Duty

PCSOs work a full shift pattern between the hours of 07:00 and 23:00, shifts can vary in length depending on the requirements of the service. 

As a member of Police Staff you will work 37 hours per week and this will average out over the weeks of your shift pattern.

Annual Leave

Under 5 years service — 25 days
Over 5 years service —  30 days

A Reward Leave scheme also operates for officers who have worked the full year without any sickness absence. 


Police Staff probation period is 6 months, which may be extended in certain circumstances. During this period performance is monitored carefully and where performance does not meet the standard, your services may be dispensed with. 

Business Interests

PCSOs are not permitted to have outside business interests without the express permission of the Chief Constable. 


PCSOs are able to join the contributory Local Government Pension Scheme, which provides a number of benefits including:

A generous retirement gratuity and index linked pension, after you reach the age of 65.
Enhanced pension and lump sum, if you have to retire on ill health grounds.
Financial support (subject to eligibility criteria) for surviving dependants.   

Occupational Health Support

Extensive support is available for all staff in relation to their health and welfare. Trained staff within the unit provide personal support and make referrals to outside agencies who can provide specialist support in particular areas.

Flexible Working

We are committed to considering all requests for flexible working and wherever possible accommodate these requests. Reduction of hours or changes to patterns of working will be considered. Examples of alternative patterns of working include reduced hours, job sharing, term time working, flexi time, compressed hours and variable time working. This list is not exhaustive and all requests will be given consideration.

Unison - Staff Association  

UNISON members make up Britain’s biggest trade union – almost 1.3 million members working across the public services. It is the largest union in the Police Service. Our manifesto for Police Staff – Equal Before the Law describes how police staff will feel in a truly modernised police service. 

UNISON members are supported by workplace representatives as well as experienced full-time local, regional and national officers. 

Being a UNISON member gives you a huge range of benefits, including:

Unrivalled protection and representation at work.
Help with pay and conditions of service.
Health and safety guidance and support.
Confidential welfare services for you and your dependents in difficult times.
Excellent legal services including free help with work problems and legal support for members and their families.
Pensions advice.
Online employment and workplace advice.
Education and training advice and courses, leading to vocational and professional qualifications.
Special deals on everything from computers, tax returns, holidays, mortgages, car breakdown services, insurance and credit cards.
Our own holiday centre for members and families at the Devon seaside.

There are also numerous fringe benefits such as:

A free legal service
A free will service
Mortgage discounts
Insurance discounts
Welfare provision
Holiday club
Holiday centre
Credit card with no annual fee
Education and training courses

Looked at logically, you could easily save your monthly subscriptions by utilising these benefits so effectively your membership would be ‘free’.

If you would like to join UNISON please either contact your local workplace representative or one of the full-time branch officers.

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