Citizens Academy

What is a Citizens Academy?

An exciting opportunity to learn about what the police do and see first-hand the day to day working of Humberside Police.

The Citizens Academy will offer a selected group of people a unique insight into how the different departments within Humberside Police work to protect people from harm, and improve the quality of life for the residents of Humberside.

The 11 week programme includes lectures and demonstrations provided by police officers and staff.

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Aim of the course

The aim of the course is to open up the police to the community. 

It improves communication between the community and police, with an aim to reduce the fear of crime and increase personal safety.

It is hoped that those who attend the Citizens Academy will then be able to pass on their experiences to the rest of the community or even take up the fantastic opportunity to become a Special Constable or Community Safety Volunteer.


The course content

The course will cover a range of policing functions including:-

  • Force Control Room
  • Officer Safety Training
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Community Cohesion
  • Knife Crime
  • Investigation Team
  • Special Operations Unit (SOU)
  • Cyber Crime
  • Protecting Vulnerable People (PVP)
  • Youth Offending Service (YOS)
  • Visit to a Custody Suite
  • Community Safety Unit (CSU)


Attendees who complete the programme will ‘graduate’ from the Citizens Academy and their participation will be recognised with a certificate of attendance.

Applications have now closed

What people who have been on the Citizens Academy course say...

“Prior to the course, I had a view that the Police work really hard, with diminishing resources. While we see less visible policing there is clearly an awful lot that goes on which the public do not see.”

“Each person who presented to us was incredibly passionate about their role and contribution towards keeping the public safe and wanting to remove criminals from the streets”.

“All Police role seem to be a thankless task, with the public only too happy to be negative about what they don’t see, instead of being positive about what we are delivered by Humberside Police on a 24/7 basis.”

“Each person who came to talk to us was enthusiastic about the subject. They spoke about their colleagues as ‘family’ who all worked together as a team. The first sight of a police officer is the uniform, you tend to forget there is a human being underneath who has feelings, but is doing a job. A job they are proud of. It is a pity more respect is not given to them all.”

“I now look out for suspicious activity which may be fraud.  I look out for the kids on the street when I work in the Freeman Street Area having watched the video on CSE CCE which was made in Grimsby, I have used the 101 line to report a threat to my own family – The course has opened my eyes to the area I live in and how I can contribute to supporting the police work in the smallest of ways.”


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