13 May 2016

Operation Trivium will start on Monday 16 May 2016 and see officers from Romania, Lithuania, Holland and Europol joining UK counterparts.

Officers will help with vehicle stops, translating for suspects and checking their home country’s police systems to verify details supplied by foreign nationals.

27 Apr 2016
Today sees the launch of the second phase of our year-long domestic abuse campaign. This will focus on a new ‘game-changer’ law which came into force at the end of December 2015.

The new Coercive Control legislation recognises emotional and psychological abuse as a serious crime and assists police in getting cases to court.

19 Jan 2016
Domestic Abuse - You Can Make a Real Difference

Believe it or not most people who suspected domestic abuse happening to their neighbour, felt it was not their place to report it to the police as it was ‘airing their dirty laundry in public’.

22 Dec 2015
Domestic Abuse: Speak out, we will listen

Would it surprise you to know on average a victim will encounter 35 abusive incidents before they consider reporting it to the police?

Humberside Police have launched a domestic abuse campaign to educate and reassure victims “We will believe you” and “Life can be better than this. Speak out, we will listen”.

1 Oct 2015
October 2015 Humberside Police Forcewide Enforcement Campaign

Motorists who use their mobile telephone whilst driving are to be targeted by Humberside Police in a month long campaign set to run throughout October.

Roads Policing officers across the force area will be concentrating on tackling the offence with a view to enforce the law and educate drivers.

The intention of this campaign is to

18 Aug 2015
Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation

We are encouraging everyone in the Humberside Policing area to get behind the Crimestoppers “Tell Someone Campaign”

The campaign is aimed at encouraging young people to recognise if they are being sexually exploited, to have no secrets and to tell someone. That someone can be a parent, guardian, teacher, trusted adult, police officer, or council worker.