Become a Community Safety Volunteer

The Community Safety Volunteer scheme was first established in April 2008. The aim of the scheme - which is run in partnership with the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service - is to encourage those living and working in the area to use their skills, experience and knowledge to assist and support Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers, Special Constables, support staff and fire service personnel in their daily business.

Are you looking for a new challenge that will provide a real sense of achievement? Perhaps volunteering for Humberside Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue could be right for you.

If you are still undecided, our volunteers can tell you in their own words what they think to volunteering:

In 2021 Devan Witter, Tony and Joan Harris received a High Sheriff award for their contribution to volunteering and along with all of our volunteers, they are an integral part of Humberside Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue.

High Sheriff presenting award to Devan WitterDevan joined Humberside Police in 2018 and one of his main roles, which he commits to every week is a Volunteer Cadet Leader in Bridlington. He is a vital part of the Bridlington cadet team and goes above and beyond to make sure all of the cadets get the best possible experience.

Recently Devan has teamed up with our Economic Crime and Cyber Crime Unit to help promote Cyber Crime awareness. He has presented many different cybercrime awareness courses with over 100 volunteers attending.

He is also a cybercrime volunteer who helps support victims of fraud!

Here's what Devan thinks about volunteering: 

Why do you volunteer for Humberside Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue?

I volunteer for Humberside Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue as I wanted to do something a little different, I also currently work in the voluntary sector supporting and encouraging young people to take part and get involved in volunteering, so it only felt right that I should lead by this example.

I also feel that the role is one that is very interesting, and very rewarding, it allows me to get involved in local communities and give something back.

How has volunteering impacted your life?

Volunteering has impacted me both personally and professionally in many ways. There are so many different opportunities to get involved in that support me to develop my skills further whilst also offering some great experiences.

Volunteering has helped me to develop new contacts and also take part in various training opportunities that have also supported me in my day job too. 

What would you say to someone who is thinking of volunteering?

Do it. Just sign up, have a conversation about the role, make sure it’s for you by reading the role profile fully, and then just sign up. Its 100% worth it!

High Sheriff presenting award to Tony and Joan HarrisTony and Joan also joined Humberside Police in 2018 and have since committed to many roles, including some amazing work for the knife crime project. The team attended all the secondary schools in the Humberside area to discuss the dangerous of knife crime.

Tony and Joan became a huge part of this team, helping to pick up team members, attending over 45 schools, handing out and inputting questions and even learning the presentation themselves!

Hear why Tony and Joan chose to become volunteers:

Why do you volunteer for Humberside Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue?

Joan and I volunteer for Humberside Police and Fire Department hopefully to be able to help to promote safety a and wellbeing by meeting the public and delivering the message that there is help to be had all you need to do to do is ask.

How has volunteering impacted your life?

The impact of Volunteering has shown us both just what goes on behind the scenes and also how people perceive the blue light services.  We have seen what the impact of a single officer makes simply by being there and talking to the public as they go on their beat rounds.

It doesn’t stop there we have both seen first-hand how talking to the school students can, and does make a difference certainty when delivering the No More knives campaign and making them aware of County Lines.

It’s impossible to mention all the different things that impact us by volunteering as it would take pages of writing.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of volunteering?

For anyone who is contemplating Volunteering for Humberside Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue, it is most rewarding and satisfying to know that you can make a difference to so many people young and old simply by listening and talking to them and in some cases offering help and advice.

Come along and join us all! You certainly will not be disappointed, we like to think that volunteering helps the Police and Fire department do what they do best rather than delivering leaflets and door to door surveys.

What can becoming a Community Safety Volunteer give me?

  • Enhance your CV
  • Get involved in local community events
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Make a real difference to policing in your area
  • A real insight into policing and the fire service

What do volunteers assist with?

There are many roles within Humberside Police and Humberside Fire and Rescue in which our volunteers assist with:

  • Crime Reduction Volunteers
  • Evidential Property Store Volunteers
  • Cyber Responder Volunteers
  • Warrants support Volunteers
  • Custody Support Volunteers

And there are many more.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, take a look at our current volunteering vacancies.

What qualifications do I need? 

You may not need any formal qualifications. Please refer to the vacancy you would like to apply for, for more information.

How old do I have to be to apply? 

You can apply to be a volunteer once you are 16 and have left secondary education. There is no upper age limit.

How many hours will I need to commit? 

This will vary, depending on which role you are hoping to volunteer for.

Where will I be based?

Again this will vary, depending on the role you wish to assist with

Will I receive expenses? 

Whilst unpaid, volunteering shouldn’t leave volunteers out of pocket. You can claim expenses for travelling to and from your placement. We will reimburse you for other expenses incurred whilst volunteering, provided it was relevant to the task. 

Are there any residency rules? 

You will need to have lived in the UK for more than three years and over to be eligible to apply

The Application process

Applicants meeting all of the requirements needed to assist in your chosen role, will be invited for interview and, if successful, will then undergo vetting and health checks. References from two people known to the applicant for at least two years will also be required.

Once vetting has been successfully completed, applicants will be contacted to attend an induction. The induction will give you all the information needed to carry out your chosen role.

Current roles

Whilst our volunteer scheme is currently closed, we will update this page with details of the specific volunteer roles which are available, once it re-opens.  

Further information

Please contact the volunteer coordinator Alice Ord via email: for more information.