Welcome to the Scunthorpe South and Rural Neighbourhood Policing Area

About Scunthorpe South and Rural

Welcome to the Scunthorpe South and Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team, which is responsible for 13 wards throughout North Lincolnshire. These range from the more Urban areas of Ashby and Bottesford to the more rural locations including the Isle of Axholme through to Brigg and Barton. The Neighbourhood Policing team are based at 4 locations, Epworth, Ashby, Brigg and Barton. There is a front counter facility at Epworth, Brigg and Barton if anyone needs to speak with us.

Update From Inspector Craig Leitch

One thing I believe in is meeting the needs of the community we serve. To understand these needs we're out and about in different areas knocking on doors as part of our Humber Talking initiative.  This involves us carrying out a short survey to understand what issues there are, what is good in the area and if there is anything we or our partner agencies can do to improve the area.

From speaking with communities, we have initiated an operation to tackle the problem of motorbikes on the parks in and around Scunthorpe. The operation is called Yellowfin and we will be providing updates with the results of this operation as we progress. We have also started to see a significant rise in metal thefts throughout North Lincolnshire and I recently chaired the first multi-agency meeting of Operation Salvage. We are currently looking at ways to tackle this issue and will be carrying out a number of joint operations over the coming months.

As a team we have also conducted a number of warrants in the area and will continue with this enforcement action. I would encourage anyone with information in relation to drug dealing to report it to the police or through Crimestoppers.

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