Welcome to the Hull North Neighbourhood Policing Area

About Hull North

Welcome to the Hull North Neighbourhood Policing Team, which covers the wards of Sutton, West Carr, North Carr, Kingswood, University, Beverley and Newland and Orchard Park.

We are a dedicated and approachable team of police officers and PCSOs who along with our partners are committed to reducing crime and anti-social behaviour to make our communities safer. We’re here to listen and deal with your issues so if you see us out and about please say hello and talk to us about what is affecting you most.

We’re based across two sites, at North Hull Police Station (Hall Road, Hull) and Bransholme Police Station (Barnstable Road, Hull). This means we can be accessible to the public whilst covering a substantial area.

Update From Inspector Jamie Campbell

As your Neighbourhood Inspector, I am eager for my team to have a visible presence and to play an active part in the local community.  We work closely with our partners to tackle the issues affecting you the most and prevent them from reoccurring.

I feel that it’s important to listen to our communities and through Humber Talking we’ve visited more than 6,500 houses on Orchard Park alone. We’re here to serve our residents. If we didn’t listen we wouldn’t fully understand the needs, wants and expectations of the people living here. The police have gone through a lot of challenges and I want to make sure the local community are with us. At the end of the day we’re here to do a good job for them in the best way we can.

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