Welcome to the Hornsea Neighbourhood Policing Area

About Hornsea

Welcome to the Hornsea Neighbourhood Policing Team which covers the ward of North Holderness.

Hornsea is a popular tourist destination, with a natural inland lake and open sandy beaches. This proves a popular summer attraction to visitors. Road safety and congestion is consistently raised by local residents. We have a dedicated team of special constables to target our roads. Despite having low crime rates, Hornsea can have pockets of anti-social behaviour. We are dealing with these individuals with support from our partners in the local authority.

As your Neighbourhood Policing Team, we also have responsibility for a large area of rural countryside and farmland stretching from the North Yorkshire boundary to the Flamborough Headland Coast. We have a high number of Wildlife Crime Officers, who are dedicated to investigating specialist rural crime. We’re committed to solving long term crime patterns, dealing with anti-social behaviour and protecting the vulnerable.

Update From Inspector Rob Cocker

We have dedicated staff for Hornsea who are committed to dealing with the issues that cause the public the most concern. Hornsea has a relatively low crime rate, and we want to ensure that continues by identify emerging crime trends at an early stage and providing early intervention to prevent escalation. We want to make sure Hornsea remains a safe place to live.

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