Welcome to the Holderness Neighbourhood Policing Area

About Holderness

Welcome to the Holderness Neighbourhood Policing Team, which covers the wards of Mid Holderness, South East Holderness and South West Holderness.

The Holderness area has a rich agricultural landscape, and with the prime meridian passing through it can be classed as quite diverse in what there is to see and do in the area. Towns and villages are quite widespread and so the team are split to cover from Hedon and Withernsea to really know the local area. 

We are a dedicated team of police officers, police community support officers and support staff. We work closely with the public and other agencies to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour, building safer and stronger communities. We’re here to keep you safe and be visible in the right area at the right time. If you see us out and about please stop and say hello.

Update From Inspector Phil Hinch

I have over 26 years policing experience, working in both neighbourhood and response policing roles. I’ve worked as a beat manager, a beat sergeant, and now I’m proudly leading the Neighbourhood team for Beverley and Holderness.

With such a large area my team are in the process of finding out what is important to you, and what you would like us to work on in the short, medium and long term. If you haven’t heard of #HumberTalking it will be coming to your area during the course of the year but there are lots of events we attend where you can speak to us. Check out our twitter and updates on the website for details.

The team currently operate from a number of police bases at Beverley,Kirk Ella, Brough, Cottingham, Hedon and Withernsea.

We are committed to building stronger links within the community reducing crime and the fear of crime keeping you safe being visible in the right area at the right time.

Please navigate the site below to select your local community. You can instantly find out more about your local Neighbourhood Policing Team, see how you can get involved in shaping our activities, find out more about what the team are doing and see some of our recent appeals for support and examples of our good work.

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