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Welcome to the Grimsby Neighbourhood Policing Team, which covers the wards of Freshney, Park, South, West Marsh and Yarborough, Immingham, Wolds, Scartho and Waltham

This Policing area includes the Town Centre, the industrial areas of Pyewipe and Alexandra Dock. We also have the housing areas of West Marsh, Wybers Wood, Willows, Yarborough, Nunsthorpe and Grange. We have a variety of educational premises within the area which range from smaller primary schools to Academies and the further education of Franklin College and Grimsby Institute. 

We have dedicated staff for each ward who have regular contact with those living and working in our communities. This is an important part of neighbourhood policing, in terms of building up trust and confidence and encouraging people to report their concerns. 

We make constant assessments around crime and antisocial behaviour and this includes matters such as nuisance motorbikes which have been an issue recently. We have responded to this and had some motorbikes seized and people prosecuted. We know how reassuring it is to members of our community to see officers out on the beat, and have been sending staff out to where the problems are.

We want you to feel safe and reassured that we are there for you. We will work with our partners to ensure you get the best service and outcomes.

Update From Inspector Tom Stevens

I have recently taken charge as the Neighbourhood Policing Commander for the 9 Wards across Grimsby West. I have dedicated officers identified to work in each ward area and to be easily accessible working within the community areas.

My overall objective remains the same from everywhere I have worked, to tackle any crime and ASB that is causing harm to our communities.

On a local level, my priorities are focusing on policing the town centre and, with our partners, addressing associated crime and ASB within, and ensuring a strong response to reports of nuisance motorcycles, under Operation YellowFin.

In relation to both matters, I intend to run more days of actions targeting key areas to deal with the matters affecting the community. I will also be managing my resources to ensure that my staff are in the right places at the right time to take appropriate action against those committing an offence or behaving anti socially.

On first arriving, I want to ensure consistency to the teams and the community following on from the great work previously done by Inspector Martin Hopper. He has built a really strong team of dedicated individuals, who really care about what they do and the area they serve and I want to grow this legacy. 

I intend to use this commitment to prioritise the issues that are causing the most distress to residents and will encourage my team to work on these matters, developing strong plans to create sustainable results. This will ensure that we don’t see the problems returning or further issues arising. 

I am also maximising our response to protecting vulnerable people, managing offenders in the community and diverting them from committing further crime and ASB. I believe this will help us build and maintain resilient communities which helps us to ensure public trust and confidence. 

Please speak with us and let us know what you need or what is affecting you in your area. My teams work so hard every day and are guided by the information you provide.

I want to know about the issues that impact your community. I want to provide assurance on consistency. I am here to stay and I want to get to know exactly what all the local communities need and how they feel working with us.

I want my staff to work in the right areas in the community and be readily accessible- be that online, at the station or in local pre-arranged sites for your convenience and need. You can also keep up to date with what we have been doing by following us on Twitter and Facebook, my teams will also be detailing their responses and outcomes to the locally agreed priorities as well as communicating future plans and place based meetings to allow us to be present to meet you and talk about any concerns or questions.

Best wishes

Tom Stevens

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