Welcome to the Grimsby Neighbourhood Policing Area

About Grimsby

Welcome to the Grimsby Neighbourhood Policing Team, which covers the wards of Freshney, Park, South, West Marsh and Yarborough.

This Policing area includes the Town Centre, the industrial areas of Pyewipe and Alexandra Dock. We also have the housing areas of West Marsh, Wybers Wood, Willows, Yarborough, Nunsthorpe and Grange. We have a variety of educational premises within the area which range from smaller primary schools to Academies and the further education of Franklin College and Grimsby Institute. 

We have dedicated staff for each ward who have regular contact with those living and working in our communities. This is an important part of neighbourhood policing, in terms of building up trust and confidence and encouraging people to report their concerns. 

We make constant assessments around crime and antisocial behaviour and this includes matters such as nuisance motorbikes which have been an issue recently. We have responded to this and had some motorbikes seized and people prosecuted. We know how reassuring it is to members of our community to see officers out on the beat, and have been sending staff out to where the problems are.

We want you to feel safe and reassured that we are there for you. We will work with our partners to ensure you get the best service and outcomes.

Update From Inspector Martin Hopper

We’ve all seen the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. It has been extraordinary times for everyone regardless of your circumstances, with people affected both personally and professionally. Some of our usual Community Policing service has been impacted due to the need for social distancing. However it is vital we maintain our visibility, presence and connection in our ward areas. It is really important to me that Neighbourhood Policing remains “business as normal” as far as reasonably possible.

We will be patrolling those areas where reports of crime and ASB are high, and in areas where there is a high volume footfall/public attendance. We have been working closely with the local ASB team to help minimise potential youth related ASB, particularly in light of the school closures. We will continue to focus our efforts on protecting those who are most vulnerable and isolated in our communities, linking in with partners where required for the necessary support. Hate incidents and crimes, and those targeting vulnerable victims or repeat victims will be.

We also making sure we look after ourselves, taking the necessary health and safety precautions and using technology more effectively, to ensure we remain operational and can continue to keep our communities safe. My team’s response and attitude over the last few weeks has been fantastic. They’re making sacrifices, working long hours away from loved ones, and like you all are missing their families and friends. I’m very proud of them all. I’ve been out on patrol recently and was pleased to see that most people are adhering to the Coronavirus legislation and the government guidelines, and I would like to personally thank you all for the support so far.

Our Community Beat Managers are continuing to work closely with people and groups within our ward areas to monitor and assess any emerging concerns so we can respond accordingly. Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook (@humberbeatNEL) to keep informed of what we are doing.

You can also find out more about your Local Neighbourhood Policing Team below. See how you can get involved in shaping our activities, find out more about what the team are doing and see some of our recent appeals for support and examples of our good work.

I hope that you all stay safe, and remain in good health and good humour. The public spirit within our local communities has been exceptional. Finally, I remind you that we are fully committed to delivering day to day policing and will be there for you when you need us.

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