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About Bridlington

Welcome to the Bridlington Neighbourhood Policing Team, which cover the wards of Bridlington South, Bridlington North and Bridlington Central & Old Town. 

Bridlington is the largest costal town in the East Riding of Yorkshire with a population of approximately 35,000 residents, and is a popular tourist destination. During the summer months the population can more than double. 

With this comes a thriving night time economy, and all the associated alcohol related issues. We pride ourselves on working closely with our communities to find out what issues are affecting you the most, and you have told us that the illicit use of class ‘A’ drugs is a major concern. We work closely with other organisations to deal with those whose behaviour impacts on the community. Our previous operations have resulted in substantial amounts of seizures of drugs destined for the streets of Bridlington and we continue to focus on this area. 

As your Neighbourhood Policing Team, we have responsibility for a large area of rural countryside and farmland stretching from the North Yorkshire boundary to the Flamborough Headland Coast. We have a high number of Wildlife Crime Officers, who are dedicated to investigating specialist rural crime. We’re committed to solving long term crime patterns, dealing with anti-social behaviour and protecting the vulnerable.

Update From Inspector Insp Ahmed Hussain

I am really looking forward to exploring the beautiful countryside that surrounds us here in the East Riding. I have only visited here as a tourist so as the Inspector for the area I really want to make sure our residents and visitors feel safe here.  This is such a large area and coming out of city centre policing, the biggest issue for me is not getting lost out here!  I need to get to know the geography of the area.

I am also looking forward meeting all the new partners in the local authorities and charities locally.  Inspector Rob Cocker has developed some excellent working relations within this community and I am looking to build on his foundations.

I want to make sure our rural communities know who I am and who the community police team are.  I want to reach out to them to make sure they know who to come to when they have a problem.”

Whilst the levels of crime in the East Riding remain relatively low we do, of course, have issues in our towns and villages.

In Bridlington there are issues with drugs, anti-social behaviour, antisocial riding of motorbikes.  Operation Gatehouse has been underway in Bridlington for some time, this tackles the local problems of drugs and the antisocial behaviour associated with it.

Through Humber Talking and our contact with members of the community they tell us that the biggest problems are drugs and ASB and we will continue to work hard to tackle that.

Concentrating on this as a team through Op Gatehouse, we can reduce the levels of drugs and antisocial behaviour in the town with can make a huge impact on making the town feel much safer for everyone, while building on trust and confidence in the police.  We have been working with British Transport Police BTP to target those criminals using the trains to bring drugs into our towns.  These joint operations are crucial in tackling this issue too.

In Driffield there is a small concern with drugs but here the main issues are of antisocial behaviour and rural crime.  With the new Rural Task Force based in the town we are working closely with them to deal with issues such as farm machinery theft, burglary offences against wildlife.

In Hornsea they share the similar concerns as Driffield.  Holderness is a very rural area and the issues here are of anti-social behaviour and of people using the old railway lines to anti-socially ride motorbikes into the town.”

I want to set a clear direction to this already highly motivated team of police officers, PCSOs, staff and volunteers.  They are all working so hard in their community and I want to make sure they received the right support from me.

The police teams in the East Riding are so passionate about their roles, the reason for that is that they live here and want to make our region a great place and a safe place to live.  Our officers and staff live so locally they just want to make their own communities better for everyone.

From the Chief Constable, Mr Freeman, to our boots on the ground we are dedicated to community policing and to providing an outstanding service to our community.

My hopes for the future? If I ask someone in Bridlington I want them to say that they feel safe to live here and proud to be someone from this area.  The Neighbourhood team here are part of that and have those same feelings, they are proud to serve their community and proud to be a part of it too.

The police cannot do everything on our own, we need the support from the local authority, local business and the public to help us tackle crime together.

Please can I urge our community to continue to call the police, no matter how small the matter is as we want to know. You might be the person that provides the last piece of the puzzle that we are working on.

We have so many ways in which to get in touch, speak to the officers who are out on patrol, speak to me when you see me, call 101, contact CrimeStoppers or contact us through our website or social media.  We take each report seriously and will do what we can to help solve problems.  Our community are our eyes and ears.


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