Antisocial behaviour 

Antisocial behaviour (ASB) is any aggressive, intimidating or destructive act that impacts on another person’s quality of life.

Depending on the nature of the behaviour, it can be dealt with by the police or the antisocial behaviour team at your local council.

In an emergency, call 999.

ASB dealt with by your local council

The following issues should be dealt with by your local council:

  • If groups are congregating in public spaces and drinking alcohol
  • Verbal abuse and threats of violence – unless you believe you are at immediate risk
  • Young people gathering in large numbers and behaving in a way that is threatening or intimidating to others
  • Noise nuisance, such as loud music, noisy pubs, rowdy parties or barking dogs in your neighbourhood
  • Graffiti and vandalism to public property
  • Littering/fly-tipping – the illegal dumping of waste
  • Excessive car stereo noise

You can report these cases of ASB in your area via the following links:

North East Lincolnshire Council

Telephone contact list  

East Riding of Yorkshire Council


Hull City Council

Phone: 01482 300300

ASB dealt with by police

The following issues should be reported to police: by calling 101, or 999 in an emergency:

  • Threats to kill and violence
  • Graffiti and vandalism to your personal property
  • Hate crime - If a person is abused, verbally or physically, because of their ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, disability or just because they are different then this is a crime or hate incident
  • Harassment - Repeated attempts to make unwanted contact with a person and those associated with them, which causes a person distress or fear

You can report these cases of ASB in your area by calling 101 or 999 in an emergency.