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You can now make online crime reports via the below links:

Report a non-emergency crime 

This non-emergency crime reporting form should only be used for reporting burglary of non-domestic or commercial premises e.g. sheds and outbuildings, theft, criminal damage or theft from or damage to vehicles. If you wish to report a road traffic collision (non-injury only) you can now do so via our new online self-reporting form. For any other crimes please call us on 101. Please note that all online reports will be processed as soon as possible. If there is an emergency ring 999.

Click here to report a crime.

Report a hate crime

The definition of a Hate Crime is if the victim or anyone else think it was motivated by hostility or prejudice towards that person’s age, disability, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation or transgender identity. This can be committed against a person or property. A victim does not have to be a member of the group at which the hostility is targeted. In fact, anyone could be a victim of a hate crime. 

This online reporting form requires your personal details, if you would prefer to make an anonymous report you can do this via the True Vision site.

Click here to report a Hate Crime

Report a non injury Road Traffic Collision

  • When the collision has occurred in the Humberside Police area
  • When the collision occurred on a road or in a public place, for example in a shop car park during business hours.
  • When there was damage to another person’s property e.g.
    - A vehicle
    - A property (including a wall, building, gate, hedgerow, tree etc.)
    - Street Furniture (for example signage, bollards, traffic lights, barriers etc.)
    - Animal/livestock (this does not include wild animals or domestic cats)
    - Where driver and vehicle details have been refused or not exchanged.

Click here to report a non injury Road Traffic Collision