Meet The Town Team

DC 2031 Richard King
DC 2456 Kevin Searby
DC 2456 Kevin Searby
PC 1938 Amanda Robinson
PC 2241 Glen Webb
PC 2241 Glen Webb
PCSO 7709 Richard Lawson
PCSO 7759 Tessa Gazi-Sporski
PCSO 7760 Lisa Bogg
PCSO 7873 Linda Dye

Key Information

There are plenty of opportunities for you to meet your local officers and talk to them about problems you're worried about. You can pop along to Police Surgeries, which are informal drop-in sessions at well visited places in the community. It's a chance to meet your local officers, tell them about crime and antisocial behaviour in your area and get crime prevention advice.

You can also have a say in what your local police and other agencies focus on in your area at Priority Setting Meetings. Any member of the community can go along and talk to local officers and PCSO's, council workers and people from Fire and Rescue about issues you face. What you say at these meetings will help the policing teams decide how they should focus their resources in your area. If you think we're getting it right or wrong at the moment, come along and have your say.

Where We Are Over The Next 30 Days


Police Surgery

Friday 1 May, 2:30pm – 3:00pm

Lindum Street,Community Centre

Police Surgery