Keyholder and Information Regarding the Partnership Between Humberside Police and Boing UK

The public increasingly dials 999 or calls police main switchboards for much more than just straightforward emergencies.

Calls can relate to everything from lost keys, burst pipes, broken or unsecured windows and locks, to cats up trees and even swarming bees. While these callers are genuinely looking for assistance, they may have called the police when they really need to speak to another agency.

A partnership with Boing UK has been created to assist the public with these issues and, since November 2008, Boing UK has undertaken the administration of our Keyholder database and are continually striving to attract new registrations on our behalf.

Please contact them on local rate number 0845 0678 999 or visit their website for details of the package of services expertly delivered on our behalf by Boing UK.