Support Networks

Humberside Police has a group of Support Networks which are available to members of the Force.

These are:

First Contact Scheme

Humberside Police is committed to establishing a culture in which all staff are treated with respect and dignity and in which they feel comfortable and safe. This in turn will have a direct affect on the Organisation’s performance and the image portrayed to the public.

Harassment, bullying and inappropriate behaviour can cause real fear and misery. Being subjected to such behaviour can be debilitating and demeaning leaving an individual feeling they have little or no control over events. The perpetrator may also feel vulnerable and isolated. The consequences can be damaging to both the individual and the Organisation as a whole.

The First Contact Scheme aims to provide confidential advice and support to all staff on how to confront, deal with and prevent inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

First Contact Advisers:

  • Provide a confidential listening service, as required. This support is offered to all individuals including the perpetrator(s).
  • Assist individuals to regain confidence and control of the situation.
  • Offer support and provide all the relevant information to allow an individual to make an informed decision on the way forward.
  • Provide support by accompanying an individual, if requested, to any meetings/ discussions regarding the issue.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Support Group

The aims and purpose of the group is to:

  • Provide an environment where people can find support in numbers and be safe in the knowledge that above all else their confidentiality is the main priority.
  • Respect the individual wishes of those people who decide to be open or not about their sexual orientation.
  • Promote changes within Humberside Police by looking at the experiences of individuals whether positive or negative in order that lessons can be gained.
  • Provide representation on the Minorities Support and Development Forum by providing feedback on any changes that are brought about.
  • Assist the service with developing strategies to assist members of the public who are LGBT and promoting best practice, thereby giving more members of the LGBT community the courage to report hate crime.

National Black Police Association

The National Black Police Association seeks to improve the working environment of black staff by protecting the rights of those employed within the Police Service and to enhance the racial harmony and the quality of service to the black community of the United Kingdom. Thereby assisting the Police Service in delivering a fair and equitable service to all sections of the community.

The aims of the NBPA are to seek to improve the working environment of black staff members employed within the Police Service of the United Kingdom, with a view to enhancing the quality of service to the minority ethnic community of the United Kingdom.

British Association for Women in Policing

The aim of the BAWP is to generate a thriving police organisation, which supports women officers in achieving their full potential and making their full contribution to policing by:

  • Raising the awareness and understanding of issues affecting women within the police service.
  • Facilitating and contributing to discussions on issues of concern to all officers – providing wherever possible the female perspective.
  • Developing a network of professional and social contacts between officers nationally and internationally.
  • Facilitating the sharing of information on issues affecting the Service and women in particular.
  • Contributing to the continuous professional development of all members.

Minority Staff Support and Development Forum

The Forum’s objectives are:

  • To support and promote the welfare and the professional development of minority staff within the Humberside Police.
  • To discuss with a view to advising and influencing the matters of policy, policing and police procedure impacting on minority staff.
  • To enable information relating to police policy and procedures to be disseminated to minority staff.
  • To provide an opportunity for consultation and feedback on policing procedures that impact minority communities.
  • Working towards improving recruitment, retention and progression for members employed within Humberside Police.
  • To assist if required in the advising on Critical Incidents and Community Impact Assessments.

Gay Police Association

The GPA formally known as LAGPA was formed in 1990. The association is managed by a constitutionally elected National Executive Committee (NEC). It aims to:

  • Work towards equal opportunities for lesbian and gay police service employees.
  • Offer advice and support to lesbian and gay police service employees.
  • Promote better relations between the police service and lesbian and gay communities.