Police Officer

As a Police Officer in Humberside Police you will work closely with the community to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

You will provide a highly visible presence, reducing nuisance and anti social behaviour, participating in partnerships and initiatives and adopting a long term and problem solving approach to all policing issues.

Don't doubt that this can be a tough and unpredictable job, but it is also the most rewarding position you will ever have. Every day when you put on that uniform and go to work, you will be making life safer and more secure for your friends and neighbours, and making your town a better place to live. 

Nothing is more valuable than that.

Further information


We are not currently recruiting for Police Officers. Please check this page from time to time for details of future recruitment.

College of Policing Fast Track Scheme 2014

On Monday 7th April the College of Policing will launch a Fast Track scheme that aims to recruit highly talented individuals who have the capacity to reach Superintendent rank. Candidates will be supported to reach this rank in a shorter timescale by being fast tracked from PC to Inspector in 3 years. 

Non-police officers will be recruited this year and will complete their probation in 1 year.

PCs will be recruited next year ready to join the scheme for years 2 and 3.

Recruitment for the scheme will be undertaken annually, and in the future we intend to recruit external graduates. However, because this is the first year of the scheme and we are working to tight timescales this year we will limit applications to the following groups:

  • Current Humberside Police Special Constables who have undertaken a minimum of 208 hours over the last 12 months and have achieved safe and lawful status.
  • Current Humberside Police Volunteers who have undertaken a minimum of 208 hours over the last 12 months.
  • Current Humberside Police Police staff (including PCSOs) who have successfully completed their probation period.

Unfortunately current serving Special Constables, Volunteers and Police staff from other  Forces are also ineligible to apply at this time.

Humberside Police are aware that this may cause disappointment for those who are not eligible to apply this year, however, we do want to reassure you that in the future we will be opening recruitment up to external graduates so please keep checking this page for updates regularly.

The link to the National Application Form (hosted by West Yorkshire Police) can be found here [link]