One Force Model

The Humberside Policing area spans The East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire.

In order to provide 21st Century Policing and to make the most efficient use of our resources, Humberside Police operates a ‘One Force’ model. Instead of aligning our resources statically to geographical areas, we operate in commands that cover the whole force area.

Evidence for Change

The evidence for changing to a one-force model was clear. We were set up in a way that was no longer relevant to 21st Century Policing. Our supply didn't efficiently match our demand. We had the same number of staff on shift at 7am as 7pm, even though demand is four times higher at 7pm and staff were distributed according to geography, not demand - not where we needed them most. We had less staff on at the weekend when we needed more and fewer staff at peak times of the year like August. We also weren't making enough use of appointments that enable us to manage our demand more and we were deploying officers to low level incidents that really didn't require their attendance. 

21st Century Policing

By moving to a one force model, changing our shift patterns, changing our annual leave policies, making use of smart technology, using appointments more and sign posting people to agencies that can help them on non-police matters we can be much more efficient.

Even though we will be a smaller organisation in the future, by changing the way we operate like this, we'll actually have more officers and staff to deploy to tackle crime and community problems when we really need them - that's 21st Century policing.

Our Commands

Our model is comprised of:

The Command Hub (Commander: Ch Supt Lauren Poultney) which deals with all of your calls and requests for help, organises our resources to ensure that the right people to help you when you need them.  The Hub also manages front desks at police stations, Event Planning and Intelligence.

Communities Command (Commander: Ch Supt Scott Young) includes all of your local neighbourhood cops, including your local community detectives work under this command. It also includes our Protecting Vulnerable People unit and the work we do with our local partners to tackle things like mental health provision and managing prolific offenders.,

Specialist Command (Commander: Ch Supt Christine Wilson) focuses on more serious crime investigation, using highly skilled police officers and the latest technology to tackle major crime like murder, organised crime, cyber crime and terrorism,  

Enabling Services focuses on providing the professional, legal and logistical support to enable the other commands to be effective. It includes things like finance, our legal team, HR and communications.and

Joint Specialist Operations (JSOU) which is a shared service with South Yorkshire Police.