What you think.....

Getting back to basics is what the Police Pledge is all about. We've been listening to your comments about the service you are receiving from Humberside Police.

We've listened - our Pledge imageryYou’ve said you want to see more Police in your local area. Humberside Police have dedicated Police Officers and PCSOs patrolling your streets on foot, in car and on bicycle.  They attend Community meetings, visit local schools, and speak to local businesses and people. We want you to have the reassurance that there is someone close by who you can rely on and contact if you need to report a crime or have any concerns about your neighbourhood. A stronger police presence in the community will also deter potential trouble causers. These Community officers are a committed resource and are delivering our Pledge commitments to you by being visible when needed most.

If one of officers is not immediately available on the street, you can visit someone who can help you at your Neighbourhood Police Team Station. Details will be on the front of the building to direct you to the next station or point of contact, so can you can get swift, effective support when you need it.

We’ve also improved our resources in other areas and taken on board what you’ve said about being able to get hold of us quickly – in the vast majority of cases, we will answer 999 calls within ten seconds and attend an emergency call within fifteen minutes.

If you are a victim of any crime, our officers will keep you informed with the progress of your case and let you know of the outcome if you request it.

We’ve listened to what you want from us, and we’ve been out on the streets of Hull to see if we’ve delivered on our promises and how you feel about the service you’re getting from your local force.

Here are some of your thoughts…

We have attached some of the interviews obtained on the streets of Hull as MPEG audio files at the bottom of the page, as well as providing a transcript of each.

Track 1)

When I called them out recently, I must admit they were there within 10 minutes. They did respond quite quickly to that. We’ve had roofing stuff pinched and they [police] have tried to keep on top of that. When they’ve been called out, they have come…....I think they’re very good, very good indeed…...At the end of the day, they deal with a whole spectrum of the public, from people that are intoxicated, creating loads of issues, to little old ladies who have lost various things. If they follow their training, I’m sure the public will respect what they do and thank them for the job that they do……..On experience, I felt that if I dialled 999 the response would be quite quick as it has been in the past..….[They’re] trying to get involvement where I am; there’s a local park, that they’re involved with trying to stop anti-social behaviour in there and trying to find something for the youngsters to do on an evening…so they are working away in my local community….I think they do respond very quickly and by being seen on the ground they do prevent an awful lot of it [crime]. They do seem to control whatever bad behaviour there is quickly…..I think they deal with it quite well, from what I’ve heard, from people who have had trouble, it has been dealt with, from people who I’ve spoken to. I hope that if I do need them, they’ll be there for me….We’ve had a few break-ins, and again the police have been walking round, asking questions, and they’ve shown more concern for the elderly….

Track 3)

I think generally they do quite a good job, they’re out on the streets most of the time, they have quite a visible presence…so I’ve not had to use them, but on the whole, I think they do a pretty good job……Comparing it to other places, you know, Manchester and Birmingham, you feel safe. I think they tackle anti-social behaviour with the council. You see a lot more police on the streets then Community Support Officers which makes people feel safer…..I don’t get problems where I live, so overall they must be doing a good job, so you’ve gotta give them a 7 or 8 out of 10…. I don’t hear of that much crime, compared to other places, I don’t think anyhow……Whenever I’ve needed them they’ve always been there, so I don’t know if I can talk to the population personally, but I think they’re pretty cool, yeah…..…The police in our area…10 out of 10. I don’t see they can do any more….In Hull you do see a lot of police about – I think it’s fine – they’re doing a good job……Generally I think they’re very efficient and they do seem to be a lot more visible at the moment in all areas I’ve seen…walking round and talking to people, and just generally making their presence felt I think……

Track 4)

I had problems with my son and it got quite heated, and I wanted the police to resolve it because I wanted him out of the house and it was dealt with quite quickly…..Where I live, fortunately we don’t have too many incidents, so I guess they must be on top of the problems…I feel pretty confident; I feel that I would be dealt with as quickly as they could possibly do it….I think they’re doing their job at the  moment, as far as I know…they’re there if you want them…..Speaking from experience, my house got broken into and they were there within minutes. They’re doing the best they can….I feel as if I can ring 999, I feel as if they’ll come to my aid. I do feel safe. I think they are doing the best they can…..There is a lot less crime than what there ever used to be….I actually had an incident where I had to call out them [police] out and they were very very helpful…A car blocking my drive, and the person concerned just mouthed off to me and they wouldn’t move the car. I called the police and they were very helpful.

They came out. They have rung up since as a follow-up and I am very confident after the trouble I had…