13 Jun 2017

Transferee Opportunities

What makes Humberside the force to transfer to?

23 Jan 2017

Switch Off Before You Drive Off

23-29 January 2017 – NPCC week of positive action to target drivers using mobile phones

We all see drivers with their phones held up to their ears when they’re driving and many others drive and text or even live-stream their driving to ‘impress’ their mates.  So the message is still not getting through.

We will be targeting these drivers in a week of action in support of the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) Campaign.

26 Oct 2016


Don’t Take Drugs and Drive


A year ago a new law came into place to address the increased number of people driving while under the influence of drugs.  Since March 2015 drivers are routinely tested for drugs as well as drink at the road side.

26 Oct 2016

Hare Coursing

As a sport hare coursing is illegal and will not be tolerated

The Humberside Police Force area is a beautiful part of the country, full of pretty rural villages and countryside as far as the eye can see.  This is a bonus for all of us who live in its boundaries, however, it is something that travelling criminals use to commit the abhorrent crime of illegal hare coursing.

7 Oct 2016

Hate Crime will not be tolerated

Being You Is NOT a Crime - Targeting You Is

Beaten up. Jaw broken. Verbally abused. Singled out. Pelted with stones.

These are just a handful of the horrific experiences of hate crime victims in the Humberside force area – and it needs to stop now.

28 Sep 2016

Cyber Security - Has It Clicked?

Learn how to help protect you, your family and your business from cyber criminals

Would you know how to prevent a cyber-attack on you, your family or your business?

Humberside Police has launched its Cyber Security – Has It Clicked? campaign, designed to help those living and working in the force area to learn how to protect themselves from online criminals.

8 Sep 2016

Humberside Police's First Coercive Control Custodial Sentence Given

Brand New Coercive Control Law Sees First Sentence for the Area

Humberside Police have made history being the first force to get a custodial sentence for coercive control offences using victimless prosecution.

On Friday 2nd September, it is believed the first coercive control sentence was given in England using a victimless prosecution.

2 Sep 2016

Summer time – Don’t make it rich pickings for criminals

There are lots of ways you can help stop opportunist thieves.

Traditionally Humberside Police see an increase in property being stolen over the summer months (July – September).

2 Sep 2016

Summer stay safe campaign launches


This year’s summer holidays are beginning and Humberside Police and our local partners are here to help kids of all ages get the most out of the summer break – and stay safe. 

4 Aug 2016

Managing the demands of the police

Would you call the police if you found a box of abandoned rabbits on a grass verge or missed your last bus home? Some people do.

At Humberside Police more than one in four calls received on the 999 system are inappropriate, either because they simply are not emergencies requiring immediate police assistance or they are not police matters at all. 

4 Aug 2016

Switch Off Before You Drive Off

Motorists who use their mobile telephone whilst driving are again to be targeted by Humberside Police.

Roads Policing officers across the force area will be concentrating on tackling the offence with a view to enforce the law and educate drivers.

We continue to see drivers with their phones held up to their ears when they’re driving so the message is still not getting through.

4 Aug 2016

Rural Crime Week 17 – 24 July 2016

Humberside Police are committed to the policing of wildlife & rural crime. To support this, a week-long campaign to raise awareness of wildlife and rural crime will take place from 17-24 July.

Community police officers from across Humberside Police area will be holding events throughout the week.  Officers will be at stands at local shows and events, making farm visits and hosting pop-up surgeries in villages to speak to people about rural crime and raise awareness of the issues faced by our rural communities.