Advice and Information

This section provides a central location for advice and information


Prevent is one part of the Government’s strategy for countering terrorism and extremism in the UK.

Terrorism and extremism is not restricted to violent Islamism and those groups associated with Al Qa’ida, although this remains the greatest threat to the UK. There are also risks from the Extreme Right Wing, Northern Ireland related terrorism and other single causes.  Find out more [Link]

Hate Crime

If you have been a victim of abuse and you believe that it was due to Race, Beliefs, Immigration Status, Age, Sexual Orientation, Gender or Disability - Don't tolerate it...Report it! [Link]

Support for victims and witnesses

Help and advice for victims and witnesses of crime.  Find out more [Link]

Child Sex Offender's Disclosure Scheme: Sarah's Law

The scheme, which is also known as Sarah's Law, enables parents, guardians and third parties to enquire whether a person who has access to a child is a registered sex offender, or poses a risk to that child.  Find out more  [link]

Stop and Search

All of us want to live in a community that is safe, tolerant and free from crime. To make sure this happens, the police sometimes have to stop people and ask them to account for their actions or presence in an area. Sometimes the police may also need to carry out a search of a person’s clothes or property.

This section aims to help you understand stop and search procedures, the type of behaviour you should expect from the police and in return, what the police expect from you.  Find out more [Link]

Foreign National Registration

If you are visiting the UK you may be required under the Immigration Regulation Act 1972 (Registration with the police) to register with the police.  Find out more [link]

Firearms Licensing

This section provides information on Firearms Licensing issues such as the cost of a certificate and how long do they last, how to pay for a certificate, how to obtain an application and where to send the completed form.  Find out more [Link]

Street Level Crime

The national Street Level Crime website is owned by the Home Office working in conjunction with the National Police Improvement Agency (NPIA).  Find out more about what the site shows [link]

Events Safety Guide for Organisers

When large groups of people gather in confined spaces dangerous situations can arise.  This guide provides assistance for organisers of events.  Find out more [Link]

Information about Humberside Police partnership with BoingUK

The public increasingly dials 999 or calls police main switchboards for much more than just straightforward emergencies. Calls can relate to everything from lost keys, burst pipes, broken or unsecured windows and locks, to cats up trees and even swarming bees. While most of these callers are genuinely looking for assistance, they may have called the police when they really need to speak to another agency.

Please see further information about our partnership work with BoingUK  [Link]

ERPF Statement of Policy on LGPS 2014

Statement of policy on the Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations (LGPS) 2013 and the LGPS (Transitional Provisions, Savings and Amendment)  Regulations 2014 [link]