Professional Standards Branch

Find out about the work of our Professional Standards Branch.

What is the Professional Standards Branch?

The Professional Standards Branch exists to ensure and promote the highest standards of professional behaviour amongst Humberside Police.

What does it do?

The branch aims to learn from any mistakes and listen to what you want.

It looks at how Humberside Police can acknowledge dissatisfaction and put things right quickly.


The Professional Standards Branch is responsible for the recording and investigation of formal complaints regarding the conduct of Humberside police officers and staff. It also oversees and co-ordinates the recording and allocation of complaints relating to the quality of service given to you.

Find out more about the complaints process by visiting the 'Complaints against the police' page of our website.

Anti-Corruption Unit

The Anti-Corruption Unit looks at all intelligence - from inside and outside the force - concerning alleged corruption, dishonesty or unethical behaviour by officers and staff of Humberside Police.

The unit works hard to investigate, detect and root out corruption, dishonesty and unethical behaviour.

The Vetting Unit

This unit ensures that stringent nationalvetting procedures are applied to Humberside police officers and staff.

Your rights

You can and should expect the highest levels of professional behaviour from Humberside Police.

We are happy for you to raise concerns or dissatisfaction with the service you receive from us.

We pledge to acknowledge any dissatisfaction within 24 hours and resolve it as quickly as possible.


The Professional Standards Branch can be contacted directly via email at: