Clough Road Police Station

Clough Road Police Station - From Concept to Completion

In 2007, Humberside Police Authority backed the decision to find a suitable site for a new custody facility for Hull. This has been developed within a wider Estates Strategy to combine other police facilities bringing better operational policing gains as well as providing a fit for purpose, efficient and effective estate:

Significant dates:

  • Sept 2009 - HPA purchase 8 acre brownfield site on Clough Road
  • Oct 2009 - Design and Development Consultants appointed Jacobs Engineering Ltd
  • June 2010 - Planning application submitted
  • August 2010 - Conditional planning approval granted by Hull City Council
  • Dec 2010 - Feb 2011 Main works tender process using Yorbuild (managed by East Riding of Yorkshire Council)
  • February 2011 - Enabling works start on site
  • April 2011  - Main contract works start on site Bam Construction Ltd
  • October 2012 – Main Works Contract completion
  • November 2012 – Phased relocation of staff begins
  • Spring 2013 – Operational Police Station

The Clough Road Police Station, including a new 40 cell custody suite occupies an 8 acre site and has regenerated a brownfield site formerly part of the wider Gas Works site.

The facility provides an Operational base for more than 730 officers and staff and brings together teams from across Hull.  Teams currently based at Queens Gardens Police Station, Tower Grange Police Station, Bransholme Police Station, Priory Police Station, Foster Street, and Bontoft Avenue Property Store will unite within the new facility.

The 40 cell custody suite will meet Home Office Guidance and provides a replacement for the out dated custody suite currently based at Queens Gardens Police Station.  As well as increasing the number of cells than are currently available at Queens Gardens, the new suite has been designed to improve the flow of detainees so as to reduce time taken to process for both officers and those being detained.

The Clough Road Police Station delivers operational efficiencies by bringing the services together, reducing travel time and costs between facilities. The investment will enable the reduction in the size of the Force estate with significant savings expected to be realised due to reductions in rates, rent, cleaning and energy costs. 

The open plan nature of the building allows for future flexibility as the focus and structure of policing changes over the next 60 years.

The project has also generated activity within the local economy.  Throughout the construction period almost 1000 people have been employed on the project with 20% of those being from the local area.  Additionally, 20% of local suppliers to the project were based in Hull.

BAM, the company appointed as the main contractor, also worked closely with Construction Works over the 18 month construction phase to engage with local people seeking work experience resulting in the provision of work placements and trials to 16 people.  Furthermore, 250 apprentice weeks were achieved for 15 apprentices.

With energy efficiency a key aspiration, the imminent award of a BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment) “excellent” rating will signify a proud achievement for the project.

30% of the energy consumption is expected to be produced on site by means of 3 helical wind turbines, solar panels, a biomass boiler and 3 electric car charging points. Additionally, the facility is built on sustainable principles - natural ventilation through offices to the central atrium reduces the need for air conditioning whilst maximizing the use of natural light also reduces the need for electric lighting.

The facility is set to become a fully operational policing base by the Spring of 2013.  Its location is predicted to enable quicker access to most areas of Hull leading to improvements in response times, operational capability and overall policing of the city.

The new asset is set to ably support the ambition of Humberside Police to be regarded as outstanding by all its communities, and by doing so make Hull a safer city.

A virtual tour and imagery of the Clough Road Police Station can be found by viewing the 'Photoboard' [link] and below.

 Front of Clough Road Police Station

 Inside Clough Road Police Station

Virtual tour

A virtual tour and imagery of the Clough Road Police Station can be found below.

A case study giving associated costs and dimensions etc can be found at (link).