Branches and Units

There are many different units and branches within our force, each with different areas of responsibility and offering specialist skills. If you wish to get in touch with them they can be contacted via the Police Headquarters address which can be found at the bottom of this page or via the 'Contact Us' section:

Michael Chappell, Branch Manager for Support Services Branch which includes Buildings, Financial Services and Fleet and Supplies

Paul Thrustle, Branch Manager for Information Services which covers the areas of Computer Development and Support and Communications

Ian Watson, Assistant Chief Officer (Human Resources) is the head of Human Resources Development Branch which covers the areas of Recruitment and Selection, Organisational Development, Staff Development and Training, Employee Relations and Occupational Health Welfare and Safety

Chief Superintendent Steven Graham, Branch Manager for Operations Branch which covers Incident Handling and Specialist Units such as Helicopter Support, Marine Section, Roads Policing and Operations Support

Detective Chief Superintendent Philip Walker, Branch Manager for Crime Management Branch which covers Major Crime, PNC, Scientific Support and Technical Support.

Justin Partridge, Branch Manager for Corporate Development Branch which covers Performance Development, Programme Management, Marketing and Media, Public Consultation, Race and Diversity, Community Safety (which includes the Lifestyle and Rock Challenge), Information Compliance and Legal Services

Superintendent Lauren Poultney, Branch Manager for Professional Standards Branch which is responsible for the investigation of all public complaints.  (Visit the Professional Standards Branch page to find out about the work undertaken)

How to get in contact

All of the above Senior Officers can be contacted via our Police Headquarters at:

Humberside Police Headquarters
Priory Police Station
Priory Road

For other ways in which to get in touch with us please visit our Contact Us page.